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We use a special process called SLIP™ (Somato-Limbic Integrative Processing™) to enhance the benefit of medical cannabis and ketamine for improving emotional wellness. Our clients report fewer triggers, more secure relationships, increased resilience and an embodied sense of emotional wellness.

They consistently say that SLIP™ with medical cannabis or ketamine works better than medication, talk therapy, CBT, EMDR, and "the sitter method", for PTSD, depression, anxiety, emotional triggers and stress.

Mignon Walker, MD

Mignon Walker
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Most therapies are based on talking, thinking, and trying to control symptoms after a stressful event or threat has activated your survival reflexes. These interventions fail, because focus on restoring a feeling of calm or functionality after being triggered.  Mindfulness interventions are applied after feeling stressed, as a response, not a prevention.  It typically takes years of mindfulness practices to acheive even slight relief. People remain triggered and increasingly isolated in their relationships with these methods.

SLIP™ works differently. Our goal is embodied emotional wellness. 

SLIP™ targets the parts of your brain that process and store memories, emotions, and survival responses. These areas are the ideal targets for mental and emotional healing. 

Our ketamine and cannabis protocols are medically supervised, and help you access a dream like-state that allows your damaged nerves to heal and become more balanced over time. 

SLIP™ with or without legal psychoactive medications like cannabis and ketamine, helps resolve excess charge held in your nervous system caused by broken boundaries, and unsuccessful responses to threats. Over time the goal is to release triggers and achieve greater nervous system balance, confidence, compassion, and calm.


We are excited to offer this life changing technology which combines a natural psychoactive plant medicine (cannabis) or a prescription medicine (ketamine) with deep nervous system repair; something you cannot achieve with plant medicine, medication, or traditional therapy alone.

When you have a balanced nervous system, you have greater ability to feel safe in relationships, and form healthy emotional connections.

When a highly charged memory is triggered, the anger, fear, panic, tension, sadness, or numbness and dissociation (feeling out of your body) linked to the memory are also automatically recalled and relived. You cannot consciously stop or control these survival reflexes. They are designed to be life saving, and have enough intensity to override rational thinking.

Somato-Limbic Integrative Processing™ helps your emotions and nervous system become more balanced over time. Relational and core wounds are also addressed. This improves your ability to be in healthy relationships, heals blocks to self-appreciation, and nourishes your nervous system by anchoring into feelings of deep safety and support in the absense of triggers. Our clients report feeling more secure, engaged, loving, creative, and often feelings of joy for the first time in years.


Talk therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy, and EMDR work with your rational, conscious, verbal mind, and do not affect the deeper, non-verbal, reflexive responses linked to your profoundly stressful event (PSE) memories. These interventions cannot stop your triggers, or address the spacey numbness and dissociation that is common when feeling overwhelmed by stress, leaving you chronically overwelmed, and disconnected. 

90%  of our clients report improvement after their first session.

Office and online 
appointments are available.

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