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Save $ On Your Next Vape

Once you have your card, you will need the right equipment to utilize the medical cannabis.

The healthiest way to consume cannabis is to vape or ingest (in a tasty recipe after decarboxylating) pure flower, also called bud.

Chemically processed THC and CBD are also available, however, there is a benefit called the "Enteurage Effect" from consuming the active components of cannabis together: terpenes and cannabanoids. Extracted products typically have only one isolate as an active ingredient, such as THC or CBD. Both have benefits alone, but work best together, and with all the benefits of all the other components as well when vaped as whole flower. Mignon Walker, MD, our QMP, recommends vaping dry herb in a convection based medical vape device. The quality is unsurpassed.

We have found the best deals on vapes at

You can find discounts for up to almost $200 below the manufacturer's recommended price from time to time. This is always a good resource to check before you buy. Dr. Walker recommends the Volcano Hybrid, Volcano Digit, or Volcano Classic for desktop use, and the Crafty and Mighty for the biggest, tastiest, most potent clouds you can get from a vaporizer. These products are all well engineered by Storz & Bickel and are designed to last for YEARS. You will get your money's worth for sure while enjoying a top quality experience.

Dry herb vapes heat the plant material to temperatures that "boil" off the active ingredients. They don't burn the plant, and at 200°C/392°F or below, you don't inhale toxic chemicals that result from combustion, while getting the full benefit of the medical marijuana.

If you use a dry herb vape that costs less than any of the ones listed above with great results, we would love to hear about your experience.

Here's a short video about the Volcano desktop vaporizer:

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