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Medical School:  Stanford University School of Medicine

Residency:  USC Family Medicine

Additional Training:  Psychedelic Somatic Interactive Psychotherapy, Siddha Veda (India &  Germany), Ketamine Therapy

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Mignon Walker, MD

Dr. Walker became interested in cannabis and ketamine because of their therapeutic value in treating depression. She was fascinated with it's potential to have a lasting impact on mental and emotional wellbeing but quickly realized that as a stand alone intervention, it is not enough to clear nervous system charges linked to profoundly stressful events. People feel better after taking the medication, but the underlying subconscious charges remain.
Because current treatments for trauma, anxiety, and depression are unable to address the subconscious nervous system dysregulation, she has focused her practice on a holistic mental health approach. Working with the subconscious while clearing charges linked to stress that get locked into the nervous system, especially the parts of the brain that regulate memory, emotions, and the fight or flight response (the limbic system) and how the body processes the physical component of stress (the somatic nerves), is profoundly satisfying for Dr. Walker.  She has found that using the SLIP™ model is both restorative and transformational for patients.  Processing the nervous system charge and a return to a healthy grounded nervous system state is the future of mental health and early evidence positions the SLIP™ model as one of the most effective interventions available. 
A healthy nervous system is the key to managing stress and maintaining healthy relationships, and these are achievable with therapy.  The somato-limbic release achieved with SLIP™, with or without ketamine or cannabis is an absolute game changer for patients and providers. 
Her future goals include participating in research, developing better measurement tools for mental health, teaching, and finding ways for more people to have access to what she considers is a revolutionary approach to mental health, and the most effective treatment currently available for trauma, depression, and anxiety.

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